Messy Church


Church doesn't have to be orderly.
Church doesn't have to be quiet.
Church doesn't have to be on a Sunday morning.
Sometimes church can be

What is it? 

Messy Church is a different way for families with young children to meet up, spend time together and experience faith. It's loud, chaotic and full of life and chatter.

When is it? 

After four years of messiness, our last Messy Church was 1st October 2016.

London Road Church will be uniting with Holyrood Abbey Church early in 2017 and the London Road building will close. Beyond that, there are many decisions still to be made. It will take time for the united congregation to finds its feet and figure out how best to serve the local community. Messy Church might return or there may be something new. Keep an eye out as you pass Meadowbank Retail Park!

If you'd like to be informed about events similar to Messy Church in the area, then please contact us using the email address below.